Medisco Lashlift Kit

Medisco Lashlift Kit


kit includes .

Consisting of 3 steps: Curling, Fixing and Treatment. Damage-free curling includes a treatment product that nourishes the eyelashes and eyebrows.

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1) Remove eye make-up completely.

2) Remove oil using lash shampoo or pre-treatment.

3) Apply eye patches or tape to cover the bottom lashes completely to prevent

them from getting a perm.

4) Apply glue to the inner side of the perm rod and stick it on the


5) Apply a small amount of glue on the perm rod and fix the eyelashes to the

rod in an orderly way using the perm stick. The glue hardens quickly, so apply

small amounts multiple times while fixing the eyelashes.

6) Apply the Step 1 Curling to micro swab. Apply to eyelash at least 2mm

apart from the mucous membrane, and fix the eyelashes by covering them

with cover wrap.

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