Chicago Permanent Makeup Training PMU Masterclass

In Person Class

Chicago permanent makeup training

PMU Masterclass Overview

In our comprehensive 5 day Chicago Permanent Makeup training will teach you the industries most in demand PMU treatments. Throughout this PMU training course, participants engage in a combination of classroom learning and hands-on practical training.

What to expect from this course?

This permanent makeup training in-person class course is packed with pertinent information and hours of hands-on training. You’ll learn how to treat a client from start to finish and flourish in makeup industry.

We want our students to receive the finest education in permanent master makeup and learn special effects makeup. Our hands-on training program is featured in two parts of training manual to facilitate learning in a progressive and enjoyable fashion that leads our students to successful completion of the course.

Part 1 Classroom– This is the theory portion of the class. Students learn all the course objectives.

Part 2 Your Turn– is the Experience portion and is hands-on in class. Students are able to practice on live models.
We know not everyone learns at the same pace. For that reason, we prefer to
keep the hands-on class size small to ensure all our students receive personalized attention.

PMU Treatments covered in the course

    All Skills Level Welcome

    Whether you’re completely new to the industry or a practicing artist looking to advance your education and knowledge, our course is designed to lead you to a lucrative career.

    Course Curriculum

    Microblading Day 1

    – Theory
    – Sanitation
    – Color theory
    – Mapping
    – Layout of each hair stroke – Primary Hair strokes
    – Secondary hair strokes
    – Complementary hair strokes
    – Shaping
    – Choosing the right method for your client
    – Choosing the right needles based on different skin types – Practice with machine on artificial skin and mats

    Microblading Day 2

    – Work on artificial skin
    – Face mapping
    – Drawing eyebrows with string
    – Drawing eyebrows with stencils – Demo
    – Mixing Pigments
    – How to take good pictures
    – How to correct mistakes
    – Work on 1 live model using Traditional Microblading Technique

    Microblading Day 3

    – Consent forms
    – Contraindications – Numbing
    – Aftercare
    – Preparing workspace
    – Consultation
    – Work on 1 live Model using Powder Brow Technique

    Lip Blush Day 4

    – Introduction
    – History
    – Health & Safety
    – Pre-Procedure
    – Cosmetic pigment
    – Anatomy & Physiology
    – Color Theory
    – Anesthetic
    – Needle Grouping & Techniques – Client Consultation
    – Treatment Preparation – Lip Procedure
    – Post Procedure
    – Complications
    – Live Model

    Eyeliner Day 5

    – Introduction – History
    – Health & Safety
    – Pre-Procedure
    – Cosmetic pigment
    – Anatomy & Physiology – Color Theory
    – Anesthetic
    – Needle Grouping & Techniques – Client Consultation
    – Treatment Preparation – Eyeliner Procedure
    – Post Procedure
    – Complications
    – Live Model

    Career Opportunities

    Demand for permanent makeup is exploding across the cosmetic industry. As a result, businesses are looking for talented PMU artists. Skilled PMU artists can charge $500.00- $1800.00 for a session.

    Practice Your New Skills

    Becoming a first-class permanent makeup artist takes time and effort. It is very important for students to take the time and practice your new skills as often as possible. We’ll provide the technique and the tools; you provide the passion to succeed.

    Chicago permanent makeup training hands on learning

    Permanent makeup 5 Day Course is packed with hands-on learning. Our instructors offer personalized education and one-on-one time. We walk you through this course step by step, enabling you to treat your future clients with confidence. This course allows for students to work on 4 live models, under the direct supervision of our Master Trainer.

    All enrolled students are responsible to arrange 4 live models (client, friend, relative, any person age 18 years or older) to participate in the hands-on application training under the direct supervision of an instructor. Students work on (1) live model day 2, (1) live model day 3, (1) live model day 4 and (1) live model day 5. If you need help securing models let us know.

    Lifetime Support

    We offer our students lifetime support. Our instructors are available to offer
    guidance and answer your questions as you start your new career.

    What’s Included

    • RTraining Manual, Demonstration Video
    • RCertificate of Completion
    • RConsent Forms
    • RPMU Kit ( Value $1500.00 )
    • $(1) PMU Device
    • $(3) boxes x10 PMU machine tips
    • $(20) Manual Microblading tools
    • $(5) Brow Pigments
    • $(4) Lip Pigments
    • $(3) eyeliner Pigments
    • $(1) Accessories kit (practice skins, brow rulers, caliper, mapping string, pigment rings, mapping pencils, grips, and case)



    Beginner - Advanced

    2023 Class Dates

     December 6th-10th 


    Oak Brook, IL

    Kit Included

    In Person