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Medical Aesthetics Courses


Medical Spas are a booming industry and Physicians are looking for trained Medical Aestheticians & Skin Specialists. Our hands-on medical aesthetics training courses will provide you with the valuable insight and skills to help build your confidence and achieve success.  Whether you are seeking to make a positive life change by starting a new career or continuing to advance your knowledge in treatments; Thrive Skin Institute will prepare you for the next level.


Medical aesthetics treatments are non-invasive services generally offered in a medspa setting under the supervision of a Medical Doctor.


With evolving technology and new treatment procedures, businesses, such as; med spas, dermatology and plastic surgery offices need trained professionals that are well able to provide these services.

The goal of our medical aesthetic training  programs is to teach students how treat with confidence. Students learn how to safety operate cosmetic lasers, conduct a consultation, asses patients for  procedures, perform treatments and follow up with clients. Each of these steps is explained  through coursework, hands-on practice sessions and demonstrations.  Students also get an understanding of the daily duties of working in a medspa, including following up with clients, conducting skin analyses, workplace safety and sanitation, and taking before and after photos.

At Thrive Skin Institute, we feel that it’s important for our students to receive the finest education. Our training programs are featured in two parts to facilitate learning in a progressive and enjoyable fashion that leads our students to successful completion of courses.

Part 1 is taught in the classroom, where students learn theory

Part 2 is the experience portion and is hands-on.


What is a Medical Aesthetician

Medical Aestheticians, also known as clinical or paramedical aestheticians, are state licensed estheticians working in a clinical setting under the supervision of a medical doctor after completing advanced training to use cosmetic lasers and other medical skincare modalities. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists commonly employ medical aestheticians to perform procedures including medical peels, cosmetic laser and light-based treatments under their supervision.

A Medical Aesthetician is expected to have a deep understanding and knowledge in skin, cosmetic lasers, light therapy and other similar technologies.

The responsibilities of a medical aesthetician include in-depth skin analysis, evaluating the skincare concerns of a client, consulting with a medical doctor to develop the best treatment plan and performing treatments. Laser Hair removal and Photofacials are among the most common services performed, as well as, treating acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles.


Who Can perform medical aesthetic treatments

Each state has different requirements regarding what type of licensed professional can do what type of treatment in a medical spa and medical aesthetics environment. Under Illinois law, a physician may delegate non-ablative laser and medical aesthetic procedures to any professionally trained and qualified individual. Medical aesthetic treatments are often performed in a physician’s office by licensed estheticians, registered nurses, and other medical professionals working under the physicians license.


Medical Aesthetic Courses

Clinical Laser Training Course

Dermaplaning Certification Training Course

Microneedling Certification Training Course



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