Our hybrid courses consist of part online learning and part face-to-face hands-on.

Hybrid learning offers a great balance between traditional classroom and online learning. Students are now able to do all the lessons on line, and join us in person for the practical session.

Benefits of Hybrid Classes

Lessons are on-demand

By presenting most of the lecture content via the online portions of the class, students are able to go back and re-watch or re-read the information that they are having difficulty with.

Face-to-face time is spent more effectively

With lecture done ahead of time, face-to-face class time can be used more constructively for hands on learning that can’t take place through the online component of the class. Students have more time to ask questions about topics that are confusing, and the instructors have more time to work with students in the practical setting.

Multiple learning styles

Every student learns differently. Our hybrid classes allows students to learn audibly (through lectures and recorded material), visually (through slides and presentations), and hands-on.

More flexibility than traditional classes

One of the best features of online learning is the amount of flexibility that they offer students when it comes to scheduling. Hybrid classes do mean time spent face to face, but the amount of time in the classroom is significantly less than traditional classes, allowing students to balance work, family, and social commitments.