Questions to Ask About Eyelash Extension Course in Oak Brook, IL

Questions to Ask About Eyelash Extension Course in Oak Brook, IL

Eyelash extensions have several aesthetic benefits; they add volume to your natural eyelashes, lift your lashes, and enhance your eyes, and they do not require the use of mascara. Here at Thrive Skin Institute, we train our technicians to provide this service in a professional manner. Contact us for more information or register yourself for the eyelash extensions training and certification course. We are conveniently located at 1301 22nd Street Suite 102, Oak Brook IL 60523.

Eyelash Extension Course Near Me in Oak Brook IL
Eyelash Extension Course Near Me in Oak Brook IL

Table of Contents:

2022 Class Dates
How do I earn a lash certification?
What is the best way to start learning eyelash extensions?
Which factors are included in the eyelash extension training course?

Our Eyelash Extension and Intro to Volume course is filled with everything you need to know in order to start and expand upon a successful lashing career. Our Classic Eyelash Extension and Intro to Volume Course is the first course you must take if you have never applied lashes before, or have never taken a lash course. In this course you will be learning all the basics with everything you need to know to get started and have a successful lashing career. When applying a classic set of eyelash extensions, you are learning to safely apply one single extension to one single natural lash. Proper education is important when learning how to apply lashes. You can definitely notice the difference between someone who invests in their education, and practices their heart out, verses someone who does not.


  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Common Eye Infections
  • Allergy awareness & Irritations
  • Contraindications
  • Stages of Hair Growth
  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Types of Eyelash Extensions
  • Length, Curl & Diameters
  • Proper Taping & Prep Steps
  • Isolation
  • Adhering & Placement
  • Basic Volume (Easy Fan)
  • Corrective Lash Application
  • Eye Shapes & Styling
  • Client Consultation
  • Client Release & Consent Forms
  • Adhesive Knowledge
  • Client Aftercare
  • Eyelash Fill Education
  • Extension Removal

Professional Kit Includes:

(1) Mannequin Head
(1) Pro-Classic Series Adhesive
(1) Gel remover
(1) Primer
(1) Nano mister
(1) Lash Cleanser w/brush
(1pk) Glue Rings
(100 pc) Microbrushes
(1) Jade Stone
(30 pc) Disposable Adhesive Film
(1) Crystal Pallet
(1) Scissors
(2) Tweezers (1) Straight (1)Curved
(1) Tweezer Cleaner
(1) Micropore tape
(1bx) Lint Free Eyepads
(1) Mini Fan
(1 pk) Practice Eyelashes
(1) C .15 Mixed Tray
(1) CC .15 Mixed Tray
(1) C .05 Easy Fan Mixed Tray
(1) C .15 Ellipse Mixed Tray

Our Lash Lift & Semi-Permanent Mascara Course is popular to add on.

Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

Course Credits: 10 CEs
Course Includes: Hands-on Training, Certification, Training Manual & Deluxe Professional Kit

Cost: $1300.00

Certificate Requirements:
Licensed Aesthetician or Cosmetologist.
*Please check the State Board in which you will practice, as each state has different regulations for treatments. Most states require an esthetics or cosmetology license.

Terms & Conditions

Many people desire luscious lashes, and eyelash extension technicians can fulfill that wish with high-quality application skills. However, before they can provide that service, eyelash extension technicians must go through a comprehensive training program to ensure they can apply the lash extensions safely and effectively. Learn more about what it takes to become lash certified below!

How do I earn a lash certification?

To become lash certified, you’ll need to follow several different steps. Here is an overview of the steps you’ll need to take:
Review state requirements: Lash certification requirements vary with each state. Some states, like Illinois, require you to have a cosmetologist or esthetician license before you become lash certified. Other states only require you to be enrolled in a beauty school program to receive your lash certification. As such, the first thing to do to become lash certified is to review your state requirements on what licenses and certifications you must possess before you can receive your eyelash extension certification. Having an in-depth understanding of your state’s requirements for eyelash certification can help you plan out your certification journey.

Enroll in a lash certification program: After reviewing your state requirements, the next step is to enroll in a lash certification program. If your state requires that you first gain a cosmetology or esthetics license, you’ll need to go through the steps of acquiring that license before enrolling in a lash certification program, if you haven’t already. If not, you’re ready to start. When searching for a lash certification program, you’ll want to find a program that is comprehensive and covers all aspects of applying for eyelash extensions. You’ll also want to ensure the course is taught by experienced and qualified instructors.

Find models: Some eyelash extension training programs provide models, while others do not. If your lash extension program doesn’t provide models, you’ll want to find some to practice your techniques on during the training. You can ask family members or friends to find someone who is willing to attend the class and receive free lash extensions.

Complete the course and take the exam:  During the course, you’ll want to pay close attention to your instructors and ask for their feedback on the quality of your extensions. Ask how you can improve and what you’re doing right. At the end of the course, you may take an exam before you’re officially given the lash extension certificate. The exam consists of both written and hands-on parts. Once you receive the certificate, you can begin applying lashes independently!

What is the best way to start learning eyelash extensions?

The best way to start learning eyelash extensions is to enroll in an eyelash extension training program! Such courses will provide you with a range of different techniques and styles to practice and add to your skill set. After learning these techniques and styles, you can practice them on friends, family, and anyone else who may be looking for eyelash extensions.

Which factors are included in the eyelash extension training course?

The length of time it takes to learn how to do eyelash extensions depends on a few factors. These factors include the length of the course and how quickly you pick up the tricks of the trade. For example, some lash extension courses are part of a longer program of up to six months, while others are only a couple of days. Moreover, most technicians find they need around three to six months of regular practice after completing an eyelash extension program before they can feel they have mastered the craft, but it all depends on your talent!
If you’re an esthetician looking to bolster your skillset with an eyelash extension certificate, we can provide the training required at Thrive Skin Institute! Learn more about our program through our website or by calling us. You can also register for an eyelash extension certificate through our website! We are conveniently located at 1301 22nd Street Suite 102, Oak Brook IL 60523. We train future beauty professionals from Oak Brook IL, Glen Ellyn IL, Lombard IL, Elmhurst IL, Hinsdale IL and now with our online courses you can learn with us from anywhere!