Cosmetic Laser Training

In Person Class

Cosmetic Laser Training


Discover the key to success in the thriving world of the cosmetic laser training courses and cosmetic laser certification in Chicago with our comprehensive and industry- leading program. Our in-depth training course is designed to equip you with the skills and expertise required for the most sought-after treatments in the field.

Course Highlights:

• Laser Hair Removal: Master the art of permanent hair reduction with precision and effectiveness.

• Pigmentation Reduction: Learn advanced techniques to target and treat various pigmentation issues.

• Vascular Therapy: Understand how to address vascular lesions and vascular irregularities safely and efficiently.

• Skin Tightening: Explore non-invasive methods to rejuvenate and tighten the skin for a youthful appearance.


Our Approach: At Thrive Skin Institute, we believe in a well-rounded approach to learning. Throughout the course, you will benefit from a balanced combination of classroom lectures and practical, hands-on training. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each treatment, ensuring you develop the confidence and competence necessary to excel in real-world scenarios.

Laser Portion Objectives

  • RLaser physics and safety
  • RAnatomy of skin and hair
  • RUnderstanding tissue interaction
  • RSkin typing and analysis
  • RIdentifying the right client
  • RPre and post-operative care
  • RManaging adverse events
  • RMedical terminology
  • RMachine settings and operation
  • RTreatment technique
  • RPerforming a client consultation

Why Choose Us:

  • RIndustry Expertise: Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in clinical laser treatments.
  • RComprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum is carefully crafted to cover the latest advancements and most in-demand treatments.
  • RNetworking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded peers and industry professionals, fostering valuable relationships for your future career.

    *Please check the State Board in which you will practice, as each state has different regulations for treatments and eligibility requirements.


    *To secure your spot, a 50% deposit is necessary, while the remaining 50% must be paid one week before the commencement of the class.


    Beginner - Advanced

    2024 Class Dates

    9:30am- 3:30pm

    In Person

    Oak Brook, IL