Chemical Peel Training For Estheticians

Online Class

chemical peel training for estheticians

Continuing education course for licensed estheticians

At Thrive skin institute, during this chemical peel training for estheticians students learn the fundamentals of acids, and how they are used to treat different skin conditions. In this online chemical peel course students will learn how chemical Peels are used to maintain smooth and refreshed skin, as well as for pre- and post- op in a plastic surgeons office. A very popular treatment, chemical peels are safe and effective when performed by a trained professional. Medium Depth Peels enable you to provide your clients with either maintenance and/or corrective results. Learn how to properly recommend and administer chemical Peels to your clientele. Students will also learn how to customize peels with enhancers to fit your clients specific needs, in this online class.


  • =Anatomy of the skin
  • =Identifying skin types
  • =Indications and contraindications
  • =Different types of chemical peels / selecting the correct peel for the client
  • =Using superficial and medium depth chemical peels, AHA, BHA and TCA peels
  • =Pre-peel prep and post-peel care
  • =How to deal with complications
  • =Demonstrations

    *Please check with the State Board in the state you plan on practicing in, each state has different regulations.



    Beginner - Advanced